C.J. Stroud on teams considering Marvin Harrison Jr.: “Don’t be dumb” – MASHAHER

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C.J. Stroud on teams considering Marvin Harrison Jr.: “Don’t be dumb” – MASHAHER

The Texans don’t need a receiver, and they don’t have a first-round pick. So quarterback C.J. Stroud can’t be reunited with Ohio State receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.

Stroud also can’t imagine Harrison being on the board for very long.

Asked by reporters on Monday whether Harrison should be the first receiver taken, here’s what Stroud said:

“Put on the tape. He’s done it from really his freshman year, his true freshman year, to now. . . . I think I read something like he’s NFL ready, but other guys have more potential. That makes no sense. Like, what? If you’re ‘NFL ready,’ how is that not potential? You want longevity, you want somebody who has been doing it. For him, that’s what he sleeps, eats and breathes. He’s a worthy talent, but his work ethic and how he gravitates that room. I challenged him that last year when Jaxon [Smith-Njigba] went down, he had to take over as leader, and he did that. He’s not really vocal, but he became vocal, and you can see his personality start to come out as he started to play more. For me, I think I would love to play with him again. I probably won’t get that opportunity for a while, but I’m super proud of him. Whoever’s up there man, be smart. Don’t be dumb. Don’t think too hard.”

The concern, as explained by Chris Simms when ranking the 2024 receivers, is whether Harrison has the explosiveness to blow past NFL-caliber defensive backs and create real separation.

Maybe he doesn’t need it. Maybe Harrison can make the catches that need to be made while otherwise covered. Or maybe, like Stroud did, Harrison will access an even higher level of performance once he’s competing with the best of the best.

Which will make it even hard for Stroud to play with Harrison again, since whoever gets Harrison won’t be inclined to let him go.

And it’s hard to imagine Harrison getting past the Cardinals at No. 4. If he gets past the Patriots at No. 3. Either way, don’t expect Harrison to get past the Chargers at No. 5.

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